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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crave - Akron

Crave is conveniently located in downtown Akron across from the Art museum parking garage.  Parking is free after 6:00pm during the week and all day on weekends.  The restaurant is fairly big with a large bar area in the middle.  The atmosphere is almost like a club, kinda dark and trendy but comfortable.  The beer and wine lists were about average.  There were a decent amount of craft brews on tap, but I expected that from this upscale local resturant.  The menu had so many great sounding things it was hard for me to choose.  I met a friend there so I did not have TBG to finish my food.  (I took it home and he finished it anyway!)  We started with the short rib and potato stuffed samosas with a cilantro pesto.  They were great.  There wasn't as much short rib as I hoped, but the sauces were great and the somosa was cooked perfectly.  For dinner I got the steak wrap with peppered bacon, chihuahua cheese and a smoked cumin and bay leaf aoili.  It was simple but very good.  The steak was cut thin and was tender. I didn't really taste the aoili, but the wrap was nice and moist.  My wrap also came with a side salad.  It was a good mix of lettuces.  I got the house dressing which was a maple pomegrante.  I was not impressed, it was too watery and I couldn't taste the pomegrante.  My friend got the corn flake crusted chicken sandwith with manchego cheese, caramelized onions, mustard BBQ and smoked paprika sauce.  She got sweet potato fries with her sandwich and they were great.  They were thicker than most, but had a nice sweet crunch on the outside with fluffy potato on the inside.  I would definately reccommend going to Crave if you are out in Akron.  Right around the corner is Musica and Rubber City Clothing, so make a whole day of it!

Service____ 6 Chipps
Food____7 Chipps
Atmosphere____8 Chipps
Beer List____5 Chipps
Wine List____5 Chipps
Value____7 Chipps

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