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Friday, February 18, 2011

Moe's - Cuyahoga Falls

Goat cheese, dried cherries, and sugared walnut salad
Tenderloin monthly special

This is one of our favorite places to go and relax with a drink.  Its is located by the car dealers on front street.  Within walking distance from Falls River Square it is tucked away, but still close.  There is a bar side and a fine dining side.  Both sides can get the food, but one is more quiet and intimate and the other is a loud bar.  They have a stocked bar with seasonal beers and a great wine list.  The bartenders are great and know how to make great martinis.  The espresso martini is a great way to start the night after a long day.  I always go in and tell the guys I want some wine; they bring me one or two they think I will like and let me try them before I buy a glass.  They have nice big wine glasses :)  The food is also good.  They have monthly seasonal menus that are always unique and well made.  This month they had a salmon and a tenderloin dish.  Usually it is things that are unique and tasty.
Salmon monthly special with polenta

The Moe Betta Burger is one of my favorite burgers.  The salad with goat cheese, dried cherries, and sugared walnuts is great.  The creme brulee is my favorite, some months they have different flavors which are also good.  I have never gotten anything here I didn't like.  The food and wine is somewhat pricey, but the atmosphere is good too.  The employees are very friendly and have many regulars. They also have a catering company, and the food is just as good.  So, whatever you are looking for they have it at Moe's.
Moe Betta Burger
Service____ 10 Chipps
Food____9 Chipps
Atmosphere____9 Chipps
Beer List____7 Chipps
Wine List____9 Chipps
Value____7 Chipps

**See the Revist here!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

North End - Hudson

North End is a nondescript building a few miles north of downtown Hudson on Darrow Rd.  When you first enter you notice the coolers of exotic beers and the bar.  When you continue on into the restaurant you walk into a wine haven.  Shelves of wine lines the walls and a wine bar is in the middle of the room.  The rest of the room is filled with intimate tables to eat and enjoy wine.  
I got the short rib with gnocchi and brussel spouts.  The red sauce was a wine reduction.  It was delicious.  The meat was tender and moist, the gnocchi were pan fried and salty, and the sprouts were tender and fresh.  Higher quality than I expected at a wine bar with a good beer selection.  TBG got the kobe, salami, bologna and cheese burger.  He liked it a lot, said it was a great combination of meats.  It doesn't look like much in the picture, but the coleslaw was good too, very fresh tasting.  The fries were parmesan garlic, tasty!  What we really went there for was the wine, so when everyone else that was meeting us there arrived we got wine!  TBG and the other guys got beer, but us girls got wine.  Then the table turned into a middle school dance with the guys talking about sports and beer on one side and the girls talking about clothes and wine on the other.  

Later in the night we had to get something else to eat.  We got the fondue.  It had strawberries, marshmallow, and pound cake.  Perfect for a wine night!  The price of the food was reasonable because the quality was so good.  The wine was a little overpriced, but the retail bottles seem average priced.  The retail selection was good.  The beer in the bottles was reasonably priced, the selection was great.  The draft beers were a little pricey, but high quality.  

Service____ 8 Chipps               

Food____8 Chipps
Atmosphere____8 Chipps
Beer/Wine List____9 Chipps
Value____8 Chipps

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