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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 5 Chain Resturants

I know there are a lot of chain restaurants out there that are also worthy of our time and money so I thought I would do a post about some of those!  I would like to give a special mention to Starbucks for their pastries.  They didn't make the top 5 but I do love to get a latte and giant scone when I am feeling spoiled. 

#5.  Taco Bell

Kind of a guilty pleasure for me.  I know how horrible it is for you, and I usually feel pretty sluggish afterward, but I do love to indulge in Taco Bell from time to time.  TBG usually makes fun of me, but hey, everyone has their strange loves!  Everything on the menu is good (and almost the same thing).  It's also cheap, so there is that...

#4. Wendy's
When it comes to chain/fast food burgers Wendy's takes the cake for us.  We love their new sea salt fries and the burgers always taste fresher than the other chains.  I enjoy dipping my fries in their chili, and who doesn't love a frosty now and then!  I never get them, but they do have an interesting selection of salads if that is what you like.

#3.  Panera
We LOVE bread.  Panara is a natural favorite for us with their many delicious fresh baked goods.  The coffee is pretty good too.  The soup is always good (esp in a bread bowl!).  There is a nice selection of light and heavy, breakfast and lunch.  I also appreciate the "working" environment Panara has if needed.  The catering is also good for a work lunch. 

We love all of Chipotle's offered local meats.  TBG likes the spicy salsa, guacamole and the chipotle Tabasco sauce.  I just like the real beans and flavorful meat.  I have heard they started offering brown rice.  I will have to try it, but when you are consuming that many calories and other unhealthy foods, what's the point? 

And the top chain is... #1. Penn Station
This is definately TBG's fave, but I like it too.  We both usually get the same thing everytime we go here, but it is always awesome.  I like the different sizes of sandwiches offered.  The bread is great and always perfetly toasted.  The amount of cheese is always perfectly gooey and melted.  We do not get the fries, but they do offer fresh cut fries.  I really like the fresh lemonade too. 

All of these happen to be fast food type places.  We do not go to the chain sit down places often.  Usually we are shopping or traveling when we stop at a chain.  What are your favorite chain places?

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