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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Product review and Recipe - Peach Sorbet

July is National Ice Cream month, it's also TBG's Birthday.  He got the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker for his birthday so we will be reviewing it here and sharing the recipe.  One if his favorite fruits is peach, so I decided to make the Raspberry Sorbet from the recipe book substituting peach for the raspberry.  I chose sorbet because I already had the ingrediants in the house, and it seemed like the easiest.  If it doesn't come out I can say for sure it wasn't the recipe!

Peach Sorbet

Serving size 1/2c, makes 10 servings

2 cups water
1.5 cups sugar
pinch of salt
4 cups frozen peaches, thawed
I started with making a simple syrup in a medium saucepan.  Add the syrup to the fruit with the salt.  I then used the immersion blender to make a smooth mixture.  After transferring to a airtight container I refrigerated for 2 hours.  Make sure the freezer bowl is completey frozen.  Then turn the machine on and pour the fruit mixture in the top.  The frozen treat starts to pull together and freeze almost immediately.  Mix for 15-20 min and voila!  Sorbet!  If you want it thicker, throw it in the freezer for an hour or so.  The first time I tried to make sorbet, I only froze the bowl for 7 hours.  I shook it and it sounded frozen, but my sorbet never froze, or got any thicker.  Fail!  I put it in the freezer anyway, but it never really got a nice texture.  This time I had the bowl in the freezer for a couple days.  The book does recommend keeping it in the freezer at all times so you are always ready for a frozen treat.  The machine itself is very easy to use.  The bowl is not big, but big enough for a family.  If I was making ice cream for a party, I would start a week early, or buy another bowl.  An extra bowl is $30 on  I can't wait to try something more difficult like frozen yogurt or ice cream!

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