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Friday, March 4, 2011

Golden Dragon - Cuyahoga Falls

Octopus Salad

Golden Dragon is a very large restaurant, but if you can, sit at the sushi bar.  The owners/sushi chefs are hilarious and always entertaining the guests.  The rest of the restaurant is reminiscence of older, tacky Chinese restaurants.  They do have pretty good food.  On this trip we got a little of everything.  Pork fried rice, a spicy crab roll, beef pho, octopus salad, and negi maki.  The rice is a very large portion and always good, lots of pork.  The spicy crab roll is made from real crab, and a lot of it.  The pho was pretty good, it did not come with all the toppings like at #1 pho, but still good.  This was a special for the day, it is not always on the menu.  The octopus salad and sushi is not for me but TBG liked it.

Service____ 8 Chipps
Food____7 Chipps
Atmosphere____5 Chipps
Beer List____6 Chipps
Wine List____3 Chipps
Value____6 Chipps
Golden Dragon Chinese on Urbanspoon
Sushi Bar
Negi Maki
beef pho

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