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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Melt Bar and Grilled - Cleveland Heights

If you have a few hours to wait to eat go to Melt.  The original in Lakewood has been featured on Food Network.  Everyone thinks "Now, how much can you do with a grilled cheese sandwich?"  Let me tell you... a lot!  Note the special flyer below:
Specials for the week
TBG chose the Russian Roulette Frankenstein Melt at the right.  He got to chose the cheese (provolone) and then had to chose 4 cards from a pumpkin to make up his sandwich.  He got really lucky and got 3 meats that taste good together with caramelized onions.  
Picking cards for a sandwich

The Russian Roulette Sandwich picks
The rest of us ordered off the menu, but let me back up.  When you walk in there is always a bunch of people waiting for a table.  There are lots of seats around the restaurant,  but still people are standing.  We were told this time there was a 1.5 hour wait.  Not too bad, we had a snack and were prepared to wait.  There is plenty to look at and talk about on the walls and the bathrooms are filled with Cleveland memorabilia.  We walked up to the bar and got lucky by finding 4 seats together.  We had a few drinks and just decided to eat at the bar.  The drinks are plenty good enough to make you forget you are waiting to eat.  I got a Guinness martini, and the rest of our party ordered off the extensive beer menu.  The menu the food is on is smaller than the huge drink list they give you when you sit down.  The menu is written on the back of old album covers, ya know like records were in.  The first sandwich to come out was the winter chicken.  It was good, spicier than I expected, but good.  It's a chicken breast with chipotle sauce and pepper jack cheese.  The next was a cheese burger with mushrooms and provolone.  It was cooked well.  TBGs Russian Roulette was huge, and awesome.  It even came out with a matchbox car.  He liked the sandwich so much he didn't even put condiments on.  (Not even Srircha!).  I got the Smokey Russian which I loved.  It was turkey, Napa vodka kraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing.  The dressing was so good I dipped some fries in it.  All of the meals come with a side of sweet coleslaw which none of us ate because we were so stuffed. 

Winter Chicken

Cheese Burger

Russian Roulette

Smokey Russian


The price is not too bad.  Our bill was $75 after tip for 4 people to get full meals and drinks.  The parking here is kind of an issue.  We always park on a side street and don't have too much of a walk.  The service at the bar was wonderful.  I could tell she was busy, but never acted too busy for us.  All in all we love this place.  It's not somewhere we could go often due to the wait and the parking, but definitely somewhere we love to go with friends. 

Service____ 8 Chipps
Food____8 Chipps
Atmosphere____7 Chipps
Beer List____9 Chipps
Wine List____5 Chipps
Value____8 Chipps

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