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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Retz Laconi's - Cuyahoga Falls

Located on a back street in Cuyahoga Falls, from the outside Retz Laconi's does not look like much.  On the inside it looks like you stepped back in time 40 years and smells like smoke.  The bar area isn't dirty, but reminds me of the movie Goodfellas.  If the doorbell doesn't ring when you walk in you may have to knock on the kitchen door to let them know you are there.  The beer and wine selection were decent, the menu had typical Italian meals, and the prices were reasonable.  We opted for a large half cheese/half pepperoni pizza.  It took a long time, and many people came in getting pizza to go.  If there wasn't a half dozen pizza places between here and our house, this would definitely be the way to go; avoiding the long wait and smoke smell, but still getting their good pizza.  When we finally got the pizza, I was excited (and hungry) so I dug in.  It was good, but I burnt my mouth.  The second piece was much better.  The pizza keeps well, and would be perfect for takeout.  Back to the pizza-  The crust was light and tasty, lots of cheese, sauce was not too sweet but not spicy.  I like my pizza limp, and if the pieces were cut bigger I would have folded it over.  Perfect!  I would like to go back and try their other Italian food, but for now the pizza was good enough. 

Service____ 5 Chipps
Food____7 Chipps
Atmosphere____4 Chipps
Beer List____6 Chipps
Wine List____5 Chipps
Value____7 Chipps
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