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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Easy Tuna Pasta Salad - Recipe

I like to have a staple of weeknight meals to always have the ingredients on hand and whip it up after work.  This is one of those meals.  Almost all of my staple meals have pasta, but TBG like to eat a protein so I added tuna to this pasta salad.  Albacore tuna really is the best for this and makes great leftovers.  I use canola mayonaise and wheat pasta because it is healthier.  This time I put cucumbers because they were in season and growing in our garden, but most of the time I use peas.  First I drained two cans of tuna (and gave my cats their share) then put it into a large bowl.  Then I mixed in the mayo, sriracha, and balsamic vinegar.  I use enough mayo to cover the pasta, but not so much that it's like a sauce, about 3/4 cup for a box of pasta.  You don't want it really heavy on the mayo so sometimes I use italian dressing to cut it down instead of balsamic vinegar, whatever you have on hand.  Use as much sriracha as you are comfortable with.  TBG likes a lot so I put about a tablespoon.  When the pasta is cooked al dente rinse with cold water.  Add cold pasta to the tuna mixture and toss well.  I topped with parmasan cheese to add a little saltiness.  I tend to make a lot so I can take for lunch the next day too.  Enjoy this easy weeknight recipe!

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