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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saffron Patch - Akron

So I have been unable to quench my craving for Indian since I first realized I like it.  Here is another Indian place in the Akron area.  This one is in the Merriman Valley with all the bars.  The decor is nice, clean and Indian feeling.  Some tables had curtains hanging in front of them.  The service was prompt and helpful.  We got some fried tortilla like things with two dips when we sat down.  The one dip was good, like a BBQ sauce, the other was a cilantro dip that I did not care for but TBG liked.  We ordered the mango yogurt drink (lassi) and it was delicious.  It went perfectly with the spicy entrees we ordered.  We ordered the chili pakodas with a mango chutney for a starter.  They were not too hot, but were good.  Very much like jalapeno poppers at American places.  TBG got the lamb vindaloo which was ok.  The sauce was good, but the meat was rather tough.  It had an acceptable spice level and was overall an average dish.  I got the lamb rogan josh.  It was also an acceptable spice level and a good taste, but the lamb again was fatty and tough.  The portions were large and came with saffron rice.  We also ordered 2 orders of naan, one regular and one garlic.  The prices were a little bit high for the quality of food.  All in all there are better places to get Indian in Akron.

Service____ 7 Chipps
Food____5 Chipps
Atmosphere____8 Chipps
Beer List____5 Chipps
Wine List____5 Chipps
Value____5 Chipps

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