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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tre Belle - Bath

Tre Belle is one of Ken Stewart's restaurants in the Akron area.  It is Italian themed, but was his same old stuff.
First came the bread... actually first came the server, but more on that later.  The bread was average, served with a roasted red pepper hummus that I liked.  The calamari was exactly the same as other Ken Stewart's restaurants, down to the pepper vinegar served with it.  But that is where the tolerable food ended.  TBG ordered the lamb ragu.  I had it there 2 years ago and I had been talking about it since.  Well, I do not know what is different but it was terrible.  Tasted like Chef Boyardee's Cincinnati Chili.  Not sure why there was so much cinnamon and the lamb was totally lost in a paste like substance on the ribbons of pasta with hard peas thrown in.  
I ordered the puttanesca, which was on special and had mussels instead of anchovies.  Can't go wrong with the special right?  Well, wrong.  I have never had mussels that I did not like, but these were dry.  The pasta was not fresh and the sauce was average at best.

Neither one of us finished our meal, and I have never left a restaurant without TBG finishing his and my meal!
The wine list was way overpriced.  The cheap bottle of wine that we get to just have around the house costs us $8 without a case discount.  They were serving it for $9 a glass, and $36 for the bottle.  I have heard of charging 3 times more but 4.5?!  The beer list was average.  The server brought a high ball glass for TBGs Sam Adams.  What?  It wasn't even 12oz.
The server... Well, first off he acted like he did not want to be there.  That is one of my pet peeves.  You are at work, you work with people, get over it and act like you are trying to get a tip out of me!  It's not a given ya know.  Then, we asked him a question about the menu...  Imagine this convo:

TBG:  What is your Tuscan Mac & Cheese?
Aloof Server: Well, it has shell like noodles, yellow creamy like cheese.  Shaved speck, which is bacon, on top to make it Tuscany.  Ya know, if you like mac.  I prefer it with buffalo chicken tenders on top.
Us:  Umm, ok *awkward looks towards each other*

The atmosphere is actually good.  I enjoyed the Tuscan colors on the walls, old style tables, antipasto bar, and hanging lights.  This meal that we did not like, with a coupon was $60.  I have never felt so bad about spending $60, and I am addicted to shoes, some I have never worn!

Service____ 4 Chipps
Food____1 Chipps
Atmosphere____7 Chipps
Beer/Wine List____3 Chipps
Value____1 Chipps

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