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Friday, September 9, 2011

Market Garden Brewery & Distillery - Ohio City

I had low expectations and high standards for a new brewery in Ohio City since we love going to the Great Lakes Brewing Company.  On this trip we wanted to see what the buzz was about and see who had the gall to open a brewery a block away from this Cleveland icon.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  We started with the 6 beer sampler.  While the beers weren't bad I really only liked one and TBG wasn't impressed with the IPAs.  I think they just need time to figure out what works and what doesn't.  The stout was boring and over roasted.  The bourbon ale was good, not complex but good enough to drink on a hot day with lots of food.  We were both impressed they offered beers other than house made ones, good beers too.  The wine list was OK, but who goes to a brewery for wine anyway?  The menu is small but has a lot of impact.  TBG chose the Cuban and I chose pork tacos.  The Cuban looked small but had tons of meat and slices of fresh pickles.  TBG enjoyed.  The fresh fries were really good.  Just enough salt and thin enough to be crispy.  My tacos were also very good.  The tortillas were homemade and moist.  The pork was moist and tender on both dishes.  I thought the fresh salsa verde really made the dish, but TBG loved the house made queso.  I liked the atmosphere, it is a pretty big place with a nice, heated outside patio.  You can chose to drink your beer out of a mason jar.  The prices for beer were a little high, but you are getting a micobrew so that can be ignored.  The food prices were good.  The food was so fresh with quality ingredients (being next to the West Side Market there is no excuse not too) but still affordable.  The service was decent.  Our waiter was able to answer any questions we had and came over to us at appropriate times.

Service____ 7 Chipps
Food____7 Chipps
Atmosphere____8 Chipps
Beer List____8 Chipps
Wine List____5 Chipps
Value____8 Chipps

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