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Saturday, September 3, 2011

National Hamburger Fest - Akron

I know this post is a little late but better late then never right?  This year TBG and I decided to go to the National Hamburger Fest in Akron, even though it threatened to rain.  After a short drive to Akron we found a decent place to park for $2.  The entrance to the Fest was $10 for the 2 of us.  We had to buy food tickets as soon as we walked in the gate.  I hate trying to judge how many we need so we bought $20 worth.  That was a good amount for the two of us although we definately could have used more if we had stayed longer.  The first thing we came to was the Hodge Podge food truck from Cleveland that has been on Food Network.  Of course I wanted to try that.  The wait was actually pretty fast, but the line wasn't long to begin with.  We ordered a burger with pickled jalapenos, mixed greens, brisket, and BBQ sauce.  It was really good with quality ingredients.  I do wish it had a little bit better quality bun.  After that burger we took a walk around the whole place, which didn't take that long.  There were a lot less stands than I was expecting.  The only "National" things I could see were White Castle and Max & Erma's, neither of which I was interested in.  The nice thing about WC was the burgers were only 1 ticket, so if you had one left over that is all you could get.  We did that since I had never had one, but I can say I will never have another!  Next we went to Inferno and got 2 sample sized burgers.  Sample size was just a half a burger for more than half the tickets.  We ordered the Memphis which was pulled pork on a burger and the New Orleans which was grilled shrimp, cheese, and creole seasoning on a burger.  Both were good.  Not great, but good.  The New Orleans was unique and I liked that.  The buns were a little heavier so they did not get soggy.  After that there wasn't much else to do so we kinda stood around wondering if our night was now over after an hour, then we left.  In recap we got 2 burgers (1 whole + 2 halves) 1 beer and 1 WC slider for $32, didn't really seem like a good deal.  I would rather have sat down at a restaurant like Louies, got good burgers and spent less.  There wasn't a burger there made with a meat other than beef.  Nothing extreamly original except the fried buckeye which didn't even sound good. 

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