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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Red Door - Hudson

One Red Door is located in Hudson in the beautiful First and Main area.  Flip Side (which we liked) is attached.  I made reservations for 4 people since we were meeting another couple up there.  We were meeting at 8 so I was expecting it to be really busy.  It actually was not too busy with TBG and I got there (20 min early).  They have a small patio on the side and the inside is not too small but not real big.  The bar is a good size and there is an open kitchen with bar also.  The atmosphere is the same as Flip Side which is wood and leather.  We both really liked the feel of the place.  We were seated right away even though we were early.  We were planning on having a cocktail before the rest of our party arrived.  We waited 15 min and no one even approached our table.  TBG went to the bar to get us some drinks himself and magically our waitress appeared.  I told her my date went to the bar to get drinks himself and she ran over there to see if he already ordered (he had).  Shortly after someone else brought us water.  When the rest of our party arrived she waited on us in a more timely fashion, but still was not friendly.  Halfway through the meal we all finished our water and didn't get refills until the end of the meal.  She did bring us one more round of cocktails though.  I thought with all the help they had working that the service would have been better.  My espresso martini when I did get it was very good.  The menu had a lot of interesting choices for starters.  We probably should have just gotten a bunch of those.  We picked the Clam Pizza to start with.  It was different but good.  I do not think our company liked it as much as we did.  The clams were a little chewy, but the crust was good and the sauce was light.  For our entrees TBG got the hanger steak with short rib ravioli.  I got the ribeye.  It was huge so I made TBG switch with me.  I was disappointed there was only one ravioli.  The pasta part was undercooked and tasteless, but the filling was great.  The hanger steak was good, nothing special, but cooked nicely.  The ribeye was fatty and not quite as good as the hanger steak.  It was covered (ruined as TBG said) by a super sweet glaze.  Someone else in our party ordered the chicken with veggies.  The portion was rather small and she said it was average tasting.  We felt the prices were high for the portion size.  The pizza and other apps seemed reasonably priced.  I would recommend coming here if you plan on sitting at the bar and only ordering apps with your drinks.

Service____ 3 Chipps
Food____6 Chipps
Atmosphere____8 Chipps
Beer List____8 Chipps
Wine List____8 Chipps
Value____5 Chipps

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