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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Franklin Square Deli - Kent

The Enzo
Located near Kent State University this is a popular spot for college kids.  TBG wanted to take me here because he remembered it from his time at KSU.  We walked in to a small resturant with a large counter and a few tables.  TBG ordered the special, "Enzo".  This deli has a racing theme as shown by the checked paper in the pictures.  There are racing pictures for sale at the end of the counter.  The Enzo was spicy capocolla, muenster cheese, and Genoa hard salami, with lettuce, tomato, and onion topped with olive pepper mayo on a sour dough toast.  It also came with a caper berry and pickle.  TBG loved it.  He said the caper berry was interesting and the olive pepper mayo was great.  I looked at the big menu and the lady behind the counter was rushing me so I got a Reuben.  It tasted pretty good.  The corned beef had a strange sheen on it, but it was tender.  There wasn't enough sauerkraut or Swiss on the sandwich.  The pickle was good.  As I was waiting for my sandwich I noticed they had deli bagels, I would have liked to try that.  They did not have pastrami which I thought was weird for a deli.  They had limited side dishes and nothing stood out.  We were there during the summer for lunch so it was not busy, but if the place was busy it would be a long wait.  The prices were average for a deli.

Service____ 6 Chipps
Food____6 Chipps
Atmosphere____7 Chipps
Beer List____0 Chipps
Wine List____0 Chipps
Value____6 Chipps
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