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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ferrante's Winery - Madison

You may have seen Ferrante's wine in a grocery store near you, or even tried some at the Vintage Ohio wine fest every fall.  If you have never been to Ferrante's winery in Madison you need to go.  The atmosphere is on the fancier side indoors and more relaxed and summery outside.  There is also a wine bar and a cute gift shop area.  The night we were there a band was playing outside and the place was packed (3 hour wait inside).  We did not want to wait, but wanted to listen to music so we meandered to the small outdoor bar.  The bar menu consisted of appetizers and pizzas.  I ordered the prosciutto pizza and artichoke dip for our party.  Oh, I also ordered a bottle of wine of course.  I will admit TBG and I do not really like Ohio wine.  I enjoy hanging out at vineyards so I usually choke some down while enjoying the view (and cheese!)  This night it was hot, we were outside so I ordered the driest rose they had because it was chilled.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was perfect for that hot summer night and the 4 of us finished the bottle in no time.  I thought the food was ready pretty fast considering how many people were at the restaurant that night.  The outside has many tables, and a great number are under a cover of some sort.  We found a table in the corner in the open air and started to eat.  The view is nice, there is a pond and grapevines to look at while we listened to music.  The pizza was actually average.  It looked so good, but there were way too many shallots and the prosciutto was not crispy.  The crust was good, but not great.  I would probably recommend just getting the margharita pizza since it was cheaper and probably just as good.  I liked the bread that came with the dip, but the dip was average.  There was cheddar cheese which was different but I did not love.  Both things tasted freshly made and with fresh ingredients.  I wish we got a chance to try some of their entrees but we still had a good time.  The only wine available is Ferrante's of course so I have to give the wine list a score based on the quality of those wines.  I think they are the average Ohio wine.  The only beer I saw was typical domestic drafts. 

Service____ 6 Chipps
Food____7 Chipps
Atmosphere____8 Chipps
Beer List____0 Chipps
Wine List____6 Chipps
Value____7 Chipps

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  1. I LOVE this place.....great place for a good time! :) :) :) Good prices for the great food!